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NFL commissar and closet Pantera fan Roger Goodell confirmed today that the Washington Redskins were in compliance with the league’s “Rooney Rule” as it filled its general manager vacancy with former Buccaneers GM Bruce Allen earlier this week.

“The Redskins have been in contact with our office throughout the process,” Goodell wrote in response to a question on a chat on, “and have followed the proper procedures of the Rooney Rule.”

The so-called Rooney Rule, which the league adopted in 2003, requires NFL teams to interview minority candidates for head-coaching and front-office positions. –WaPo.

I wrote a longer-winded version of this on The League, but the gist of it is this: does the league want to continue sponsoring a rule where so-called “minority” personnel are going in to interview for jobs that they have no chance in getting? If I’m hiring an “escort,” and I want an “Asian,” let’s say, then why would I “interview” a “white” “escort” for the “job.” It’s a waste of everyone’s time, if you catch my meaning. The Redskins wanted Bruce Allen. They got Bruce Allen. He probably can’t dance in heels and looks awful in lingerie, but to each his own.

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