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A flock of geese temporarily roosting at Garinger (N.C.) High's football field forced school officials to move the team's next game to its opponent's home field.

The geese — whose numbers have soared to more than 100 — covered the field in east Charlotte with excrement the past few days…

"Usually when we see geese on a field, irrigation and mowing cause them to move on," said Guy Chamberlain, associate superintendent for auxiliary services. "But we've cut back on our irrigation because of the drought, and the grass just isn't growing right now. The geese have moved in, and they aren't going away."

I have to say, I'm disappointed with the South.  There appears to be some sort of general obeisance of the law here, and I always find that disappointing in stories from southern states.  I like it better when the chicks are hot and dress like tramps to go to the nearest SEC game, someone's done something silly with an old piece of farm machinery, the whites and blacks get along by living on different sides of town, and everyone has a gun to protect himself from liberalism and faggotry.  That's the South I know and love. 

What I'm saying is, this story needs some dynamite and a little anti-fowl vigilantism.

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