The GoPro Grand Prix, Now With 100% More Dudes Getting Run Over

My only regret is that somebody got hit by a car at the GoPro Grand Prix and nobody got it from his POV.

IndyCar drivers Scott Dixon and Will Power (if that is his real name) pitted at the same time, nose-to-tail. When Dixon pulled out to speed off, he took out two of Power’s crew as he passed. Of course, the sensational headline is SCOTT DIXON PURPOSEFULLY DROVE OVER HIS OPPONENT’S PIT CREW MEMBERS SO HE WOULD WIN THE RACE, but the reality is a little different … if you watch the clip (provided below), it look a hell of a lot like one of Power’s crew “took one for the team,” purposefully getting hit a la Derek Jeter to give his crew an advantage. Spoiler alert to support that theory: Will Power won the race.

Here’s the video:

See that? There’s no way you’re successful enough of a pit crew guy to get to this level of competition without learning how to pay attention to fastly-driven cars. Seriously. He’s just holding a tire out horizontally at hip level, moseying on past as a bright red car surrounded by guys in bright red jumpsuits approaches. Were the big Target logos too on-the-nose?

Bob’s Blitz captured the collision in GIF form, if you need it to be even MORE obvious. Has flopping gotten so bad we’re doing it to CARS now?

That’s what you get when you let Charlie Day onto your pit crew, I guess.