Watch This Sky Diver’s GoPro Take A Dizzying Journey After Being Dropped From 3000 Meters

Some folks want to call this video frightening or nerve-wracking, but I disagree. It’s a little dizzying to see so much spinning in the shot, but it’s also kinda calming. It’s like watching patterns go on for so long that you get placed in a zone until the jarring end when the GoPro lands in the grass.

It’s the result of a man dropping his camera during a skydive, reportedly in Kristianstad, Sweden. Kristoffer Örstadius’ father found the camera after it’s nearly two mile journey, resting peacefully in the grass. They then uploaded the video to YouTube and located the camera’s owner soon after.

It’s a cool view, even if the spinning could be a bit much for people. Going with my initial reaction, this was the first thing that came to mind. It’s not as colorful obviously, but the journey aspect is there.

(Via Kristoffer Örstadius / The Daily Dot)