Gotta Keep the Devil Rushing Through The Hole

Pro Wrestling Editor
06.23.11 5 Comments

Have you ever wanted to see Peyton Manning set someone on fire with a football? Well now you can, thanks to “Football Cops”, the upcoming DirecTV docu-drama (I’m assuming) from the producers of “The Wire” (I’m assuming) that pairs together the Manning brothers as cops from the “Sabotage” video and has them literally killing people (other than Giants fans) with passes.

The most fun part of the Football Cops video is reading every blogger’s attempt to figure out whether or not it’s an actual show or just a fun viral commercial thing. You can check out the “>show’s official home page and decide for yourself, then hop online and explain it thoroughly. My opinion? I just like jokes about football-themed cops being “out of bounds”. If it turns out to be real, I will send them $100 if they film a scene where a bunch of kids run by yelling AY YO OMAR COMIN’, OMAR COMIN’ and then Omar Gaither comes around the corner whistling “Farmer in the Dell”.

I think A.J. Feeley would work well in the Prez role.

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