Grantland’s Surprise Shutdown Shocked Many On The Internet, Including Its Staff

Grantland, which started out as Bill Simmons’ multimedia passion project, but staggered on after his termination at ESPN, was long in an uncertain situation, with no guarantees about its future. Turns out that when the end came, it came suddenly and without warning for Grantland writers, who found out when ESPN PR tweeted out their statement:

Then the Grantland writers, popular and beloved among Internet sports geeks, tweeted out their reactions to being cut loose from their mother site, but not fired. They cover the gamut of emotions.

Grantland had a lot of writers, man. The rest of the Internet was much more universally negative.

And finally, you knew the Godfather of the site was going to weigh in. Would you believe he’s critical of how ESPN handled the situation?

The Grantland writers will not be fired, but they will be relocated and they still have no promises about their future at ESPN past their current contracts (few of which will likely last far into next year). Everyone is expecting the writers to find work elsewhere, both because of their talent and because of the certainty that ESPN doesn’t want them. They’d rather pay already-rich former players to mangle the English language.