Duke’s Grayson Allen Flopped So Hard That He Drew A Foul Without Anyone Touching Him

Duke star Grayson Allen benefited from some presumptuous officiating against Tennessee State on Monday night. Allen went to the hoop for a layup in the first half of the Blue Devils 65-55 win at Cameron Indoor and was sent sprawling to the floor as his shot didn’t fall. Officials called a foul on Tennessee State guard Darreon Reddick.

Problem was, Reddick never touched Allen. In fact, he never even came close. The Tigers junior successfully shopped short of the streaking Allen, actually turning his body away from Allen and the hoop to avoid contact.

It doesn’t matter because Allen shot two free throws. And, because ball sometimes does lie, he made them both. It’s easy to make Grayson Allen the villain here, because he obviously is. You could argue this is a flop, but I’m not so sure. Look at Allen successfully executing a dunk and falling flat on his face last week against UNLV.

Maybe he just doesn’t have any control over his legs once he jumps in the paint, because he definitely does NOT stick the landing here. Rather than a young Ted Cruz, Allen is simply a young Buzz Lightyear — constantly falling with style.

Nah, he plays for Duke. He’s gotta be the bad guy. Sorry, Grayson.