Noted Tripper Grayson Allen Was Slapped In the Face By A Louisville Player

Duke’s Grayson Allen is a divisive player in college basketball.

The Blue Devils junior has gained a reputation for tripping players. He just has very active legs in general. Some people think he’s a flopper. He’s freaked out over a technical foul, and a few days ago he shoved a Florida State coach.

That’s why a lot of people who don’t like Duke will enjoy watching him get slapped in the face.

Allen got tangled up with Louisville’s Donovan Mitchell in their ACC matchup on Saturday. Allen grabbed Mitchell’s arm as the two players fell to the floor. The Duke junior grabbed his face like he was hit, and Mitchell got up and pulled his arm out from under Allen on the floor. As he got up, Mitchell then grazed Allen’s face with his right hand.

Allen’s every move will be watched now that the list of weird incidents from just this season has grown so large. After his tripping antics got him suspended for one game by the Blue Devils, people have zeroed in on his legs and arms each game to see what he will do next. Sometimes it’s a non-story, like this incidental trip earlier in the game.

Still, reputations are hard to shake. Haters and supporters have lined up on both sides, which means this is definitely not the last time we ever talk about Grayson Allen.

Allen had 23 points and was a “frequent target of boos” from the Louisville crowd in the 78-69 loss, Duke’s second of the week.