Great Hockey Celebration Or GREATEST Hockey Celebration?

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11.12.13 10 Comments

hockey celebration

By way of our friends at Puck Daddy comes this clip of Adrian Alvarstein, Narvik Arctic Eagles player and the best dancer to come out of Europe since Robyn, busting a move so hard he destroys it after his team’s 8-3 victory over Viking Hockey.

My first thought is that your celebrations should never go Full Frank Drebin, because you’re disrespecting your opponents and the game. Right? But then my second thought is, “holy shit this guy rules.” (My third thought was that Norwegian hockey teams have the best names.)

I’ll let Adrian’s body do the talking.

This clip is so awesome it gives me Norwegian wood.

He told that showing them off was limited to only the Narvik locker room. “I’m trying to get it out to all of Norway. When people hear the song, they should know that there is this dance that apply,” he said.

“I do not dance much myself, but [I promise] to practice it before the season is over,” joked Narvik head coach Magnus Skogfält.

I think I’m in love with you, Norwegian hockey.

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