Great, It’s Another Flash Mob

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02.11.11 6 Comments

On Monday, the Kansas Jayhawks whooped the stripes off the Missouri Tigers to the tune of 103-86. But fans at the game may not have realized it because they were distracted by a live episode of Glee that broke out in the stands. The students involved with the Jayhawk Buddy System captivated the 16,300 fans at Phog Allen Fieldhouse with a surprise flash mob dance. The mission statement of the Buddy System is promoting “smart decision-making on the part of students.” And I’m sure they thought about that when they were getting wedgies after the game.

All kidding aside, it’s great when students show a combination of team pride and safety awareness at sporting events, but it’s even greater when I nitpick their performances. Hey Buddy System, the point of a flash mob – as overdone as they are now – is to pop up out of nowhere, like you did, and to sit back down like nothing ever happened. Way to pat yourselves on the back at the end. At least the team didn’t let the rest of us down.

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