Great Moments In Twirting: Tyler Seguin Might Be Dating Playmate Ciara Price

04.11.12 6 years ago 12 Comments

Between Rob Gronkowski using Twitter as his personal Adult Friend Finder and Evan Longoria playing the role of Tampa Bay Rays PR to reach out to Alex Morgan and then “rescuing” Playboy Playmate Jaime Edmondson from the evil Darren Rovell only to start dating her, there isn’t much shame to the 140-character social networking game. So when a famous guy and attractive and/or famous gal start Tweet-flirting – or Twirting – with each other, us nosey nerds raise our eyebrows and start asking the important questions like “Is Miss November 2011 Ciara Price dating Boston Bruins star Tyler Seguin?”
And the answer is… I dunno.

The sleuths at Boston Bar Stool seem to think something’s going on ever since Price Tweeted some warm wishes at Seguin:
And he responded:
And that was about it, with a few other Twirts from Price. But Price has been hanging out in Boston and going to Bruins games, so because we’re tired of talking about idiot coaches being suspended or fired, we’re inclined to believe that she is dating Seguin – a dude-bro with quite the history of skirt-chasing – and this is an immensely important news story, because between Mike Fisher marrying Carrie Underwood and Sean Avery almost taking Elisha Cuthbert from us, I’m getting a little concerned about these uppity NHL stars.
Also, we have two working eyes and Price loves to post wonderful pictures of herself to Twitter (consider them PG-13 NSFW).
The photo of Price and Seguin that sparked the rumors. While this one is real, I still much prefer the Masshole Sports photoshop of Seguin.

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