Great, Now I’m Going To Be Trying To Do The ‘Super Push-Up’ All Day

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09.11.13 6 Comments

super push-up

It doesn’t look like much in the picture — and frankly the video’s weird Blair Witch Project narrative of a guy being friendly at the gym only to WHOOPS RUN INTO THE CREATOR OF BMAX AND PROPRIETOR OF THE SUPER PUSH-UP is totally unnecessary — but now I’m obsessed with the logistics of the Super Push-Up and will be trying to do it all day.

Of course, in a post-Jimmy Kimmel world it’s probably fake, and the weird angle on the push-up is because somebody’s hooking a wire to him or something and pulling him backwards, but unless “BMAX” is code for “AT&T,” I’m choosing to believe.

The clip:

Progress report: I cannot seem to leave push-up position.

[h/t to Bob’s]

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