Green Bay Kids Get Out Of School Early After Super Bowl, Other Kids Jealous

02.08.11 7 years ago 3 Comments

As if having their football team winning the Super Bowl wasn’t enough, the 20 kids who live in Green Bay didn’t have a full day of school the day after the Packers beat the Steelers in Dallas. It’s not like those kids did anything to make the team win. I never saw fat little Billy catch a pass from Aaron Rodgers, although I bet he could drop fewer of them than Jordy Nelson.

Kids in Green Bay have yet another reason to love the Packers. Their Super Bowl victory meant school got out early today so that children and their families could line the streets for the team’s motorcade to Lambeau Field.

The celebration will get in full swing tomorrow afternoon with a Titletown celebration at Lambeau. –USA Today.

I don’t remember being able to get out of school early after the Patriots won any of their three times. This isn’t fair. I want to be able to use those three days now while I’m in college. Whenever I don’t want to go to a class, I’m going to tell my professor that he can suck it, and I’m going to go celebrate New England’s victory over St. Louis. Then, I’ll use the other two Super Bowl days later. I suggest all you fans who never got a half-day when your team won it all protest until you get your Super Bowl reparations… except for Colts fans. They’d just spend the half-day off eating, which is also what I’d do, but I don’t make it look gross when I do.

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