Packers Fans Are Yet Again Blaming Olivia Munn For Aaron Rodgers’ Struggles

Olivia Munn
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The Green Bay Packers have lost their last three games, but the more jarring development has been the play of star quarterback Aaron Rodgers. It’s not that the reigning and two-time NFL MVP has been terrible, though he did throw for just 77 yards against the Broncos, but the Packers’ offense has been out of sync. As the quarterback, Rodgers is going to get most of the blame.

So, too, is Rodgers’ girlfriend, actress Olivia Munn.

Apparently, it’s the belief of some Packers fans that Munn, and her private life with Rodgers, is somehow responsible for how her boyfriend has played as of late. For instance, take this Internet commenter, who was somehow able to formulate words in a sentence and everything:

ESPN’s Rob Demovsky noted in a softer tone that perhaps “off-field issues” were a root of Rodgers’ slump. That in and of itself isn’t totally far-fetched; personal issues can affect work performance. But without concrete evidence, it seems a bit much to toss that into the discussion liberally.