The Packers Exploited One Of The NFL’s Most Obscure Rules Against The Lions

Associate Editor
09.25.16 6 Comments

Apparently, this is a thing that can happen. The Green Bay Packers took advantage of one of the NFL’s most little-known rules during their game against the Detroit Lions on Sunday. During a kickoff, the ball bounced near the sideline but didn’t quite go out of bounds. So Packers return man Ty Montgomery got out of bounds, laid on his stomach, and touched the football to earn a flag. Uh…what?

As it turns out, there was no officiating blunder or anything like that. We’ll let Mike Pereira explain what happened:

Green Bay got the ball on its 40 and marched down the field to score a touchdown. As it turns out, this isn’t the first time we’ve seen this out of the Packers. Back in 2012, Randall Cobb did the exact same thing.

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