Replacement Weatherman, Or ‘Even Local News Thinks You’re Embarrassing, NFL’

In the best sports-related comedy weather forecast since that guy in Cleveland got pissed about the NBA Finals and screamed about how “IT’S ALL WEATHER,” Green Bay television station NBC26 used a replacement weatherman (or “weatherguy”) to prove that yes, even local news thinks the NFL replacement referee debacle is embarrassing.

But hey, to the weatherman’s credit, a morning low of -200°, a peak at 346° and an afternoon high of zero sounds like a comedic exaggeration, but he might’ve just accidentally reported D.C.’s weather instead of Green Bay’s.

Things actually get worse when the real weatherman shows up and weatermans all over everything, but isn’t that the story unfolding? Replacement referees do a bad job, we cry out for the real referees, then remember the last however-many-years of our lives we’ve spent yelling about how normal refs never make the right call. No happy ending to this story. Just like local news!

[h/t to Shutdown Corner]