Greetings From Asante Samuel

08.31.10 8 years ago 8 Comments

Philadelphia Eagles defensive back Asante Samuel does not like wide receivers. He wishes he could put all the wide receivers of the world into a pile and just blow them to smithereens. You know what he says about wide receivers? That they all look alike. One time he told Roddy White to go back to Alabama-Birmingham.

We’ve also heard a lot about Samuel’s dedication to bulking up and improving his tackling. The vicious hit on Dexter McCluster in Kansas City was a start. If Samuel smacks players like that during the regular season, it would be hard not to move him up higher on this list.


That wasn’t very nice at all. Someday, Asante will learn to peacefully coexist with wide receivers, but until then, enjoy this clip of Samuel folding this Kansas City Chief in half. That’s not a hate crime. That’s just great football. via The 700 Level.

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