Dez Bryant and Greg Hardy Had To Be Separated After A Heated Argument On The Cowboys Sideline

A few moments after the Dallas Cowboys tied up their Sunday afternoon contest against the New York Giants with a nice touchdown, Dallas’ special teams unit promptly allowed a kickoff return TD that put the Giants back in front. As the special teams unit was reconvening, Greg Hardy -yes, that Greg Hardy – flipped out and started shoving teammates and at least one coach. You can see that develop in the video below.

As Hardy headed to the sideline, Dez Bryant offered up some words to the defensive lineman, who did not take them kindly.

The two got into a bit of a verbal spat and Hardy shoved Bryant as he headed to the bench. Luckily for the ‘Boys, teammates stepped in and separated the two before the disagreement got any worse. Both of these guys are talented players with large egos and reputations for being hot-tempered, so maybe the biggest surprise here is that it took seven weeks for them to go at it on the sidelines.

Bryant is currently inactive with a broken foot and actually flew commercial to Sunday’s game at MetLife Stadium so that he could be with the team and still provide a presence. I don’t think this is what he had in mind, though.

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