Greg Hardy Continues To Mess Up, But The Cowboys Still Refuse To Punish Him

Dallas Cowboys v Tampa Bay Buccaneers
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For some reason or another, it appears that the Dallas Cowboys refuse to punish Greg Hardy. For anything.

Despite his arrest for domestic assault, the Cowboys signed him. After serving his suspension, Hardy made some unapologetic comments about the incident, and Dallas owner Jerry Jones stood behind him. Then, Hardy got physical with a Cowboys coach and several players on multiple occasions during a game and, again, Jerry Jones backed him. And then Deadspin released photos that depicted just how brutal the assault on Hardy’s ex-girlfriend was, and, once again, the Cowboys did nothing.

Now, the latest dirt on Hardy, provided by a report from Mike Garafolo of Fox Sports, has the defensive end showing up late to a practice last week and missing “nearly all of the morning’s meetings” as the team prepared to face the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. It seems as if that slip-up also went unpunished by the ‘Boys, as Hardy played in all of Sunday’s contest against the Bucs. The Cowboys lost 10-6.

If the Cowboys really did let Hardy’s tardiness slide without any form of punishment, the question becomes what on Earth is it going to take for the guy to get shown the bench for any amount of time? One would assume that it’s Jones who is calling the shots and making sure Hardy stays on the field, but are the coaches cool with it? And, arguably more importantly, are the other players — you know, the ones who actually show up on time and make a concerted effort to be a professional — cool with it, too?