Greg Hardy Responds To His Critics And Haters With A Very Questionable Music Video

Greg Hardy is making his big return this week for the Dallas Cowboys and controversy is riding in right alongside him. We saw his very odd comments directed towards Tom Brady and his wife Gisele, and learned that nothing has changed during his locker room interview upon his arrival. There was also the scathing clip from Katie Nolan that took Hardy to the woodshed and questioned what the NFL and football fans really cared about.

Now we have the release of the music video for “I’m Just Me,” a clip that Hardy lent his pipes to during his suspension in late 2014. That would be after his conviction, but before his appeal to overturn it. That’s what really sets the stage according to TMZ:

Right before Hardy spits his featured verse, a chorus of gunfire rings out. He then raps about women — saying, “It’ll be a cold day in hell before your girl tries to play me.”

Interesting, considering Hardy’s been under fire this week for several comments he made in which he objectified women (Gisele) and seemingly mocked his own court case by saying he plans to come out “guns blazing” when he returns to the field this week.

Hardy continues to seem like a wonderful guy.

(Via TMZ)