Greg Hardy Reportedly Told Investigators That Nicole Holder ‘Fell Down’

Earlier this week, a bevy of information was released that showed why Greg Hardy was arrested for assaulting his ex-girlfriend. The pictures and phone records were horrifying, and Hardy came out looking like a monster who couldn’t control his temper and beat a woman within an inch of her life. Here’s a quote on the incident from Hardy’s ex-girlfriend, Nicole Holder, via Deadspin, which obtained all of the information:

“I tried to get up, he pushed me,” she said, “then I started fighting back, he threw me into the bathroom, I hit the back of the shower wall and fell into the bathtub where he pulled me out.”

Based on all of the information, it’s hard to give Hardy any benefit of the doubt. He responded to the Deadspin report on Saturday by tweeting some stuff about trying to put the incident in the past and being regretful, and on Sunday, NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport dropped this on everyone:

It’s really interesting that Hardy – who has tried to justify his actions by blaming Holder in the past – would say on Saturday that he regretted what occurred. Well, it’s not “interesting” as much as it is something we should have all expected, because Greg Hardy is a psychopath who is incapable of accepting that what he did was incorrect.