New Footage Of Greg Hardy Shoving A Cowboys Coach Has Surfaced

Towards the end of yesterday’s Cowboys-Giants game in New Jersey, Fox’s broadcast cameras showed a heated argument between defensive lineman Greg Hardy and wide receiver Dez Bryant on the Cowboys sideline. The argument came immediately after Dallas had surrendered a go-ahead kickoff return touchdown to the Giants and, based on press box video that was posted on Twitter shortly after, we knew that Hardy responded very angrily to the crucial late-game score and shoved several players and possibly a coach before being confronted by Bryant on his way to the sideline. Hardy elected not to comment on the incident after the game.

But late Sunday night, more video emerged that gave us all a better look at exactly what unfolded before the Hardy-Bryant spat on the sideline. In the footage, you can clearly see Hardy engaged in a physical altercation with Cowboys’ special teams coordinator Rich Bisaccia, grabbing his clipboard and shoving him before being pulled away from the huddle and angrily walking away.

This is obviously not a good look for Hardy, who already has a serious image problem within the league after horrific details emerged from his 2014 arrest for domestic violence, for which he was given a four-game suspension to start this season. He hasn’t shown any remorse since being activated — in fact, he’s been quite defiant —  and now… this.

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, who made the decision to sign Hardy this past summer, has been very supportive of the lineman throughout all of his legal troubles and conduct issues, so what did he have to say about this most recent incident on Sunday?

“He’s, of course, one of the real leaders on this team and he earns it and he earns it with respect from all of his teammates and that’s the kind of thing that inspires a football team,” Jones said.

Jerry, Jerry, Jerry… come on, man. If shoving one of your coaches and acting like a psychotic hothead on the sidelines is what inspires your football team and earns respect, you’re not running your football team correctly.