Greg Hardy Tweeted His First Comments Since The Nicole Holder Photos

Greg Hardy finally broke his silence following the release of photos this past week from the night he allegedly attacked his former girlfriend, Nicole Holder, and it was a classically weak apology.

Despite calls from the media and fans for the Cowboys to release Hardy, team owner Jerry Jones has stated over, and over, and over again that he stands behind the player. The defensive end started the season serving a four-game suspension due to his involvement in the alleged attack, and has since returned to the starting lineup with the Cowboys after the Carolina Panthers cut him during the off-season shortly after the incident came out.

While Hardy appeared to apologize with his first comment, he then tweeted the following, proving he still doesn’t quite see the difference between playing a game and treating a fellow human with respect:

But here’s an idea: What if he does? Maybe he’s smarter than we all think and trolling us with a nod towards the fact that if he weren’t playing in the NFL, this whole situation would not have gone down so well for him. But judging so far on his inability to ever say the right thing at the right time, we wouldn’t bet on it.