Grimsley Squeals: Everyone Does Drugs

10.02.06 11 years ago

According to a Los Angeles Times report, former MLB pitcher Jason Grimsley named Roger Clemens, Andy Pettite, Miguel Tejada, and other, less important players as users of performance-enhancing drugs. The star players and the over-the-hill turncoat crybaby asshole with frosted tips, of course, all issued denials in which they were shocked — SHOCKED! — to be smeared in such an ugly fashion.

I wish this whole allegation-denial back-and-forth would just end. MLB and the whole of baseball fandom should offer full clemency to everyone who confesses to doing steroids or other PEDs, just so we can all move on. Then, when the players admit to cheating, we should be like, "SUCKAS! We had our fingers crossed!" Then they get a 50-game suspension with the bonus With Leather punishment: electric cattle prod up the anus. Yeah. That's what you get for fucking with the fans' trust, bitches.

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