Turns Out Grindr Didn’t Crash Because Of The Olympics Gaypocalypse

07.25.12 7 years ago 4 Comments

The fun of any Olympics is political subplots, as politicians, special interest groups, and various mouth-breathing hate mongers can use the global focus of this gathering of the world’s greatest athletes as a chance to draw attention to themselves. One of the issues that has people fired up leading into the London games is the inclusion of nations that enforce laws that discriminate against gays and lesbians, and many people think that those countries should be banned, while others think they shouldn’t. And while the argument is important, it’s probably rather unfair and distracting to the openly gay athletes who are competing in this year’s Olympics.

But since I hate politics and giving credence to those who discriminate, let’s talk about the lighter side of Olympic homosexuality, as it was believed this week that all of the gay that was descending upon London had crashed the gay singles app Grindr. Of course, that had some people (who I won’t name) freaking out because they thought this was the surest sign of the pending gaypocalypse. Turns out they were wrong. And stupid.

“While we’d love to believe that the best-built men in the world, all dressed up in Lycra and congregating in one place can generate a huge increase in Grindr traffic, we can say, with confidence, that the arrival of the Olympic teams had little or no effect on our server,” Grindr toldThe Atlantic. “The truth is that there are many factors that cause a technological service disruption.” (Via ZDNet)

So if you’re a homophobe in London, worried that your Olympic experience would explode into one giant orgy of neverending penis, you can sleep easy tonight, because it was technology that shut down Grindr. And if you’re a gay person looking to hook up, just use the old-fashioned method of going out and meeting people. Your best bet is anyone complaining about all the gay people.

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