Grizzly Gets Bearcut

04.26.11 8 years ago 4 Comments

Yesterday, the word on the street was that Memphis Grizzlies guard Tony Allen had done the physically improbable and shaved a grizzly bear into the back of his head. He wanted his initiation into the Hair Bair Bunch to be a surprise, so no pictures were provided. Well, a day has passed, and pictures were provided.

To your right is a picture of what it looks like when you get a reverse bear face, and somehow it is completely awesome. I especially like the grizzly’s sparkling eyes, as well as how the whole thing looks like it was outlined in chalk. Maybe the grizzly is emerging from snow with a mouthful of Milk of Magnesia. The good news for Memphis is that the sight of a scary bear has rendered the San Antonio Spurs completely helpless.

More players should follow Allen’s lead and shave logos into the backs of their heads. Even the white players. Especially the white players. Logos, catchphrases, whatever. Kobe Bryant can shave a snake into his hair on one side and Vlade Divac on the other. I want Dirk Nowitzki to recreate his horrible WELCOME TO DALLAS, DIRK AT WORK road signs and basketballs t-shirt somewhere on his skull. Give him glitter eyes and chalk mouth.

[via Chris Vernon]

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