Gronk Is Begging You To Curse Him, Bro

Pro Wrestling Editor
03.09.12 4 Comments

New England Patriots tight end slash adult film industry philanderer slash teenage dunk master Rob Gronkowski is harnessing the power of social media (and obnoxious-for-pay viral videos) to compel his fan base to rock the ESPN’s SportsNation vote and get him on the cover of ‘Madden 13’.

His plan includes:

– Doing bicep curls with a crutch

– Making aggressive animal noises into his friend’s stomach

Tons and tons of Zubaz pants

– Just getting jacked at all times

– Going crazy

– Inviting you to check out his brothers, who cannot stop exercising on the floor of Gronk’s house even when he’s injured.

– Putting on sunglasses without using his hands

– Getting hyped

– Getting Gronked

Sounds solid, bro. I want to see a follow-up video where instead of asking fans to vote for him, Peyton Hillis tells his bros that he’s not feeling well, and he’s probably just gonna go take a nap.


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