The Disgusting Video Of A Fan Licking Up Someone Else’s Puke That You Never Wanted To See

What’s happening in the above video is, at best, nauseating. At worst, it’s indescribably graphic. Deadspin (thanks, guys!) acquired two videos of baseball fans doing disgusting things with bodily fluids over the weekend. The first involves a Brewers fan licking somebody else’s vomit.

According to the Deadspin tipster, “a woman barfed in the bleachers at the Brewer game. A man was paid $100 to take a giant lick of said puke. Merriment was enjoyed by all.” Why this man felt compelled to do this, even for a stupid bet, is beyond me, but the cup in his hands is probably a good indicator. The video is above. Watch if you must, but we won’t blame you if you don’t.

Are you still alive? Has your stomach not turned itself inside out inside your own body? We pray that you are, and that it hasn’t. But if you can handle more, head to Deadspin to see video of a man wiping his whole butt area with a hat before another fan licks it.

And with that, we’ve reached the end of this post. This can all be over now.

Thank God.

(Via Deadspin)