Grumpy Cat Threw Out The First Pitch At A Diamondbacks Game, Still Left Grumpy

When the calendar turns to September and you’re a sub .500 baseball team, the promotional department will do just about anything to get the fans to the ballpark to support the team. The Arizona Diamondbacks find themselves in that exact predicament. On Monday, they scheduled Grumpy Cat Day, where fans could meet Grumpy Cat, and also watch her throw out the first pitch prior to the game.

The curmudgeon kitten, who, if you’re not familiar, has pulled in more than $100 million in various endorsement deals since becoming an Internet sensation due to her fabulous frown face back in 2012, is an Arizona native. So, naturally, the local baseball team decided to get in on the action by allowing her to become part of their Labor Day festivities.

First, she threw out the first pitch.

Okay, to be more accurate, she made the face that turned her young owner, Tabatha Bundesen, into a millionaire, placed her paw on the ball, frowned for the camera, and then watched as someone else threw the pitch. But we’ll give her a break on that. After all, she’s just a cat. Albeit, a grouchy millionaire cat.

Later, she posed for pictures with fans, who did their best Grumpy Cat impressions. Here she is posing with grumpy human, also known as Tony La Russa.

Despite the home team winning 6-1, Grumpy Cat’s mood would not be swayed.

Nevertheless, the promotion seemed to be a great success, as fans left the stadium feline pretty good. And, despite that ridiculous pun, we’re just glad Grumpy Cat is still going strong three years later.

(video via MLB)