Here’s The Moment This Guy Won $150,000 Playing FanDuel

Winning money playing daily fantasy sports is pretty difficult. Winning any kind of substantial money on daily fantasy sports is even more difficult. With thousands of people playing daily games and only a small percentage of them winning money, it’s crazy to ever think that you’d win more than a few dollars, let alone walk away with enough money to do things like pay off all your debts or get yourself a new car.

Of course, while it’s incredibly hard to win serious money, it’s not impossible. Some guy from North Carolina named Dennis Spangler found that out when he won $150,000 playing daily fantasy sports on FanDuel after throwing $40 into one of their games. That’s a lot of money! You can buy a new house with that much cash!

Spangler’s winning team, according to For The Win, was made up of Eli Manning, Devonta Freeman, Doug Martin, Odell Beckham Jr., Allen Robinson, Larry Fitzgerald, Antonio Gates, Bryan McManus and Denver’s defense. Spangler said that he plans on paying off his student loans, getting a new truck, and putting the rest away.

While it’s awesome that Spangler was able to walk away with a ton of cash, the only downside came while he was celebrating with his buddies and they were so loud that they startled the dogs and made them run away. While the dogs don’t understand what was going on, he can buy them a rawhide or something to make up for the inconvenience.

(via For The Win)