This Guy’s Majestic Michael Jordan Back Tattoo Is Totally Not Weird

This week has been a goldmine of ridiculous Michael Jordan stories. First there was Yahoo!’s Foghorn Leghorn-mourning Space Jam 30 For 30 spoof, then Jordan was outed as a beer pong cheater. Today, with a hat-tip to BSO, we get a look at a Michael Jordan backpiece so epic it could only be body-modded and rocked by the clinically insane.

I can’t with this. Just look at it:



On there we’ve got:

1. Three instances of the word “Jordan” … AIR JORDAN between the shoulders, a jersey-style JORDAN across the back (spoiler: this guy is not Jordan) and a signature on the big #23.

2. 2-4 instances of Michael Jordan’s face. One on the shoulderblade, one in giant form on his side, both portrait style. Three if you count the Jumpman silhouette, four if that sketchy area to the right we can’t really see is another portrait of Jordan like I think it is. I’m not sure why you’d want to get another man’s face tattooed on your back, much less the same man’s face four times.

3. Wings, obviously.

4. A Chicago Bulls logo, but nothing from the Wizards or the Bobcats, so this is specifically 90s Jordan.

Who knows? Maybe he’s just a big Miley Cyrus fan and didn’t want to seem like a pervert.

I wonder if he knows the Hulk Hogan backpiece guy?