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This video got uploaded to YouTube three days ago, and it’s already been viewed a gazillion times.  Probably because it’s one of the greatest pieces of car porn ever created.  I don’t particularly like cars or driving, and I hate all that Fast and the Furious bullshit, but I can admit that Tokyo drifting around obstacles and doing donuts around a guy on a Segway can be kind of impressive.  It’s all part of an automotive sport called gymkhana:

[O]bstacles in Gymkhana will often consist of slaloms, 180 degree turns, 360 degree turns, figure eight turns and some times parking boxes… Handbrake technique, drifting and sliding and left foot braking are all necessary skills for Gymkhana.

Right.  So like I said, car porn.  One final note: the backdrop to this video is very obviously the Inland Empire, which is Californian for “shithole.”

[Deuce of Davenport]

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