This Video Of The Mountain Lifting 200-Pound Dumbbells Is Going Viral Again

You know Hafthór Björnsson. He’s the Icelandic strongman who also plays “The Mountain” in HBO’s Game Of Thrones.

When he’s not crushing skulls and being a terrifying enforcer for Cersei Lannister, Björnsson usually spends his time training for strongman competitions, which he usually wins because he’s an absolute monster. We’ve already seen plenty of ridiculous videos from his training and competitions, in which Björnsson pulls off outrageous feats of athleticism and strength with ease.

One of those videos (above) is going viral once again, and it shows the dude lifting a 284.4-pound dumbbell over his head, then using 200-pound dumbbells for a chest press. Seriously, he’s a freak of nature.

If you’re still not convinced 1) okay, tough guy, and 2) here are some other slightly terrifying training videos he’s blessed us with recently.