12.10.08 9 years ago 12 Comments

Texas quarterback Colt McCoy went on ESPN Radio yesterday and talked to Mike Tirico and Scott Van Pelt about what he did on Saturday night instead of watching Oklahoma cruise past MIzzou in the Big 12 title game the Longhorns could have been playing in.  What was it?  Keg stands?  HALO?  Panty raid?  Nope:

McCoy: All right, well, I called up some buddies and we went spotlightin’. We went huntin’, basically.

Van Pelt: Wait, you’re talking to two city guys here. What the heck is spotlighting?

McCoy: It’s basically where you get a spotlight, and you just kind of look for varmints and —

Van Pelt: Varmints? Possums? Armadillos?

McCoy: Yeah, armadillos, anything really. You just have to go out there and shoot stuff to get all this anger out.

And to think I wasted what little time I spent in Austin drinking on Sixth Street and listening to live music.  Apparently I missed out on the college experience in Texas.

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