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Michael Wardian formerly held the world's fastest time for running a marathon on a treadmill, and he sought to regain it this past weekend in a Virginia running store.  It went pretty well for most of the "race," then things kinda fell apart.

Wardian ran 2:09:15 through 24 miles (a pace of 5:23 per mile), almost 30 seconds ahead of world record pace. Wardian slowed on the 25th mile, running a 5:40 mile, then inexplicably shut the treadmill off with just over a mile to go. He apparently thought he had finished the 26.2 mile marathon.

After being told there was still over a mile to go, Wardian increased the treadmill speed back up to run the last 1.2 miles. At that point, he began to stagger and was having trouble keeping his footing. At 25.9 miles he stopped the treadmill and collapsed. His time at 25.9 miles was 2:22:35. He was .3 miles short of finishing the marathon.

DC Sport Bog sums it up nicely:

Talk about agony of defeat; running in place for 98.9 percent of a marathon, for no prize money and not even a certificate of completion, in front of only a handful of people, some of whom were just trying to buy sneakers, and then collapsing within sniffing distance of the record, with only 30 or 40 people in a suburban running store there to witness your near-miss.

And people think being a blogger is pointless.  Hell, at least more than 40 people read this site.  Well, on a good day.

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