Chandler Parsons Talks Underwear, Awkward Hugs, And Bigfoot On ‘Hangtime’

University of Florida alum and current Memphis Grizzlies forward Chandler Parsons is the only Gator to ever win SEC player of the Year and he’s endured six seasons (going on seven) in the Association, but Hangtime offered a different challenge by putting him in the end zone and in an awkward position to answer questions. That didn’t mean that the former Dallas Maverick and Houston Rocket wasn’t feeling confident before the interview started, though.

“I’ve had meals bigger than him,” Parsons joked about host Brandon “B Dot” Armstrong before they both started holding onto the crossbar while discussing awkward hugs and what position Parsons would play in the NFL.

After the interview, Parsons admitted that he’d skipped the necessary arm days at the gym to really show off his literal hang time. “I’m more of a leg guy,” he said before joking that he’ll be able to hang from his feet next season.

Despite that lack of preparation (and the absence of wide receivers gloves, which B Dot was rocking), Parsons did get the chance to trot out his (subpar) French accent and go on the record as to whether he believes in Bigfoot. The self-proclaimed trendsetter also had the chance to talk about what it’s like to have your own underwear line.

Parsons even offered to get Armstrong a few signature pieces, but after watching the end result, maybe B Dot should set up a trade and offer some gloves so Parsons can answer a few more questions next time.