Hangtime With Mr. Cooper

Pro Wrestling Editor

Or, “more like PARK-our, am I right?”

British long jump champion J.J. Jegede, who I think we all agree could use a few more Js in his name, jumped over three MINIs this week as part of a promotional event for a new, 2012 limited edition of the vehicle, and to promote his own Olympic dreams. Jegede is looking to make his first Olympics, and according to Chris Chase at Fourth-Place Medal, the roughly six-meter jump would have earned him 8th place at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing. If he’d dunked at the end of it he would’ve won Rookie of the Year.

Of course, he didn’t really jump over them, he just jumped the length of them side-by-side. If he’d actually jumped over three MINIs he wouldn’t be headed to the Olympics, he’d be outfitted with a patriotic suit and sent somewhere to fight Nazis.

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