Hank Baskett Can’t Catch A Break

Kendra Wilkinson, the 25-year old former Playboy Playmate naked chick who used to roll around on top of Hugh Hefner’s old balls, is trying to get her husband and terrible football player, Hank Baskett, to sign a “post-nuptial” agreement because she’s apparently bringing in more proverbial cheddar. The source of said dairy slang for income? You guessed it – homemade porn!

Kendra, who once put on a hell of a show as she “protested” Vivid Entertainment’s eventual release all over her face of her sex tape with a former boyfriend, supposedly has a few more videos waiting in the wings, as she’s made quite a financial improvement thanks to the success of the first video. The problem is that she doesn’t want Baskett to have any chance of getting the money that she’s already made and could eventually make should they get divorced.

*goes to WordPress dashboard, schedules “Hank Baskett Files For Divorce” for next week*

What’s love like, Courier Mail?

Thanks to the leaked sex tape, the popularity of her E! reality documentary soap, Kendra, and a host of endorsement deals, Wilkinson now earns substantially more cash than husband Hank Baskett, who has been traded from NFL team to NFL team no fewer than three times since the couple married in June 2009.

“Kendra is making a lot of money these days, but Hank’s not earning as much as he did when they got married. She’s just looking out for her own interests,” a source said.

Her own interests being, of course, selling videos of her having sex with random men. Baskett currently plays for the Minnesota Vikings (Kendra lives with their son in Los Angeles, so they’re clearly already doing great), which is his third franchise since the couple wed. You may remember his last defining on-field moment, during Super Bowl XLIV, when he failed to haul in the New Orleans Saints’ onside kick at the start of the second half. While the Colts’ loss wasn’t Baskett’s fault, it sure is fun to act like it was. Kendra, of course, left the game crying because she should have married Reggie Wayne.