Hanley Ramirez, Step Away From the Hair Bleach

08.26.10 8 years ago 2 Comments

Hanley Ramirez thought he needed a change of mirror scenery. He not only got that but a newfound ability to scare the bejesus out of little children as well, as his attempts at changing his locks into platinum failed miserably, morphing him into somebody Ronald McDonald might call a friend.

Hanley Ramirez should keep his day job as Marlins shortstop. He tried dying his hair blond this morning at the team hotel, but it came out… how shall we say… red? Rust? Brown? Hanley’s new look comes with a new spot in the batting order — third, which isn’t actually a new spot. He hit there last year and most of this year before being moved to the lead-off spot.

“That was the turning point — I saw his hair color and it looked like a three hitter,” manager Edwin Rodriguez joked. -Palm Beach Post

Though his new hairdo makes it look like he’s an escapee from a psychiatric ward who thinks he’s found the perfect disguise, he should maybe keep it as his first game with follicles that belong on a safety cone brought him a day of 4/5 hitting. Alas, it has most probably wreaked havoc on the chances of him winning any potential games of hide-and-seek he was planning on playing this weekend.


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