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Hans Smith, 23, wrote a letter to Sony in 2008, the makers of the game “MLB: The Show,” to express his gratitude for their release of such a realistic game. Smith, who has cerebral palsy and can’t so much as grip an actual baseball, wrote about how the game allowed him to live out the experience of playing baseball. The creators of the game were so touched by his gratitude that they actually put him in the game.

“The team really took it to heart. We never get letters like this,” said [development team member Jennifer] Kacizak. “He is just so inspirational, humble and grateful, he keeps telling me that he never expected us to do this, he never asked us to.”

Hans was invited to visit the developers of the gameThat’s a pretty cool story, much better than that silly $1 million promotion for whatever it was. It would have been amusing to see them put Hans’ wheelchair in the game, even if it would have been incredibly poor taste. He couldn’t have been any slower than Adam Dunn.

ABC News.

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