‘Hard Knocks’ Included A Breathtaking Drone Tour Of The Cowboys’ Gigantic Star District

Hard Knocks is spending this summer in the Lone Star State. The annual HBO behind-the-scenes docuseries with an NFL team tabbed the Dallas Cowboys as the franchise it’ll spend a few weeks following around, and while the Cowboys always manage to attract eyeballs, they’re especially interesting this year as they attempt to bounce back from last year’s 6-10 campaign.

There are some reasons for optimism — Dak Prescott is back and healthy, head coach Mike McCarthy is now in his second year at the helm, first-round draft pick Micah Parsons looks like a potential gem in the middle of a defense that was quite bad last year — but with how high expectations perpetually are for the Super Bowl-starved franchise, optimism can turn into a full-blown meltdown pretty easily. Still, Hard Knocks is giving a look into the calm before the storm with the franchise, and on Tuesday night, this included a wonderful piece of drone work in which viewers got the chance to see the Star District in Frisco.

How the person navigating this drone did not crash approximately 500 different times is really admirable. Anyway, it turns out putting tons of cash into a 91-acre campus designed to go all-out in celebration of an NFL team leads to some impressive results.