‘Hard Knocks’ Gives An Inside Look At The Ugly Redskins-Texans Brawl

The Houston Texans are the centerpiece on this season of HBO’s Hard Knocks, the award-winning series that takes fans inside a different NFL training camp each year. The first episode debuted on Tuesday night, and we all knew we could expect one thing: Fights.

The team traveled to Richmond last week to spend a few days practicing with the Washington Redskins. On Saturday, things got heated between the two sides, and multiple brawls broke out. There was footage of it from the sidelines, but we knew HBO had cameras and microphones inside the action.

We got to see the result of that access during episode one, which featured this clip of the teams going at it:

The fight is fun, but the best part is the exchange at the end between two cornerbacks:

“I said, ‘Yesterday, you tried to run a man over, what do you expect them to do?'”

[Long pause]

“Let’s get the f*ck outta Richmond.”

This might just be good enough to appear on a future version of the show’s all-time best moments.

(Clip via For The Win)