And Harlem Shook For The Final Time

As I was checking my emails this morning, a friend had sent me a video to some other site’s “hilarious parody” of Macklemore’s “Thrift Shop” and I didn’t watch because I’ve already watched at least 20 other parodies of that song and they’re all awful. Someone else sent me a copy of an email from a local business that is organizing a Harlem Shake video for this weekend, despite the fact that the meme is deader than planking on top of Gangnam Style’s grave.

But people have never let a thing like irrelevance stand in the way of trying to breathe another gasp of air into the exhausted lungs of something that people momentarily found amusing. For example, as Brandon pointed out to me, Glee performed the Harlem Shake three times… THIS WEEK. So I’m hoping that the performance turned in by the foursome above is enough of a sign from the gods that when a meme is dead, it’s dead.

And I’m only bringing this up, because there are still sports teams doing Gangnam Style, and I’m sure some hipsters are still owling ironically. Enough with the Harlem Shake, everyone. Or God will set you on fire.