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Harold Reynolds is trying to get paid:

[T]he former All-Star second baseman was in New Britain Superior Court in Hartford, Conn., for a hearing regarding ESPN’s refusal to turn over personnel files.  Reynolds has filed a $5 million lawsuit against ESPN for breach of contract and wrongful dismissal after being let go as an analyst by the network last July.

Of course the scuttlebutt on the cul-de-sac is Harold was fired for improper touching, or as we of the Catholic faith call it: "the altar-boy's burden".  Awful Announcing has provided some very sexy pics of the court documents, but the more pressing question is: "What the hell are we going to do with Eric Young?"  We were first introduced to EY when ESPN2 had to fill the twenty minutes between Dice-K's first Fenway start and Boxing.  Felix Hernandez was throwing ice that night if you remember, but EY insisted he would have gotten into Hernandez's head by pointing out to the umpire that King Felix's gold cross was a distraction by being out of his jersey.  Undoubtedly, EY would have gone 4 for 4.  Next, when Cleveland played some home games in Milwaukee and Baseball Tonight trotted out the Major League comparisons, EY's assignment was to present the greatest eye wear in MLB history ala Ricky Vaughn (executed much better on Joe Sports Fan).  EY promptly informed us that Kent Tekulve was the closer for the 1977 World Champion Pirates (wrong – 1979) and that Harry Caray announced the Cubs for 52 years (wrong again – Cards, White Sox, then Cubs).  

Alas, I see no return to the salad days of Ravech-Reynolds-Gammons.  Might I suggest a BT team Karl Ravech, the voice of John Kruk, and the lovely Alessandra Ambrosio wearing nothing but a chest protector? -KD

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