Harry Carson Is A Nice Guy

Here’s a lighter NFL story that doesn’t involve cross-dressing or people getting shot in bars: Hall Of Fame linebacker Harry Carson had donated one of those mini-helmets to a non-profit charity auction to help kids with cancer, but then somebody stole it. Carson responded like a pro and offered to replace it.

I will donate another helmet to the charity but instead of a mini helmet I would be donating a Giants full size “Throwback” Replica Helmet. Let me know if you are available around 1:00 Wednesday afternoon…Actually, if it helps the charity I would be willing to personally deliver the item if the highest bidder is in the NY/NJ area.

[emails courtesy of Tom at celebritymagnet]

Even more impressive than Carson’s generosity is his ability to recognize that they couldn’t keep track of a mini-helmet, so he (a) donated a helmet that was larger, and therefore easier to see, but also (b) offered to hang onto it until the auction was over. You’re a swell guy, Harry. As for that guy that stole an auction item from a children’s cancer charity? I’m sure he’ll eventually get what’s coming to him. Or her.

Bid on Carson’s helmet here until the 28th. And no, I didn’t steal the original helmet. I only steal from healthy kids. They don’t realize how good they have it.