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I didn’t know who Carlos Tevez was, even though he plays for arguably the most famous fútbol club in the world. So maybe it was to his benefit that he bought himself a $225,000 Bentley–and then had it promptly seized by police.

Argentinian striker Tevez, 25, was pulled over while driving to the training ground on the M60 because his windows were too heavily tinted.

Officers then found he did not have a full UK licence. Tevez could now be charged.

Police took the £150,000 white car to a compound because he had no one to drive it home.

Yeah, so the guy buys a car he’s not legally allowed to drive. Nothing to make fun of there. Except for this photoshop, which I don’t really understand. Is he in the car? Or did he stick a Fathead of himself on the hood? I don’t get it, either, but I’m sure in Britian this sort of thing is hilarious.

[The Sun]

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