Check Out Hawaii’s Spectacular Rainbow-Inspired Uniforms They’ll Wear Against Ohio State

09.10.15 3 years ago 4 Comments

Years ago, Nike started an arms race of sorts with their numerous jerseys for the University of Oregon. Every college program tries to one-up each other with the newest colorway or special set of gloves. Sometimes they workout great, and sometimes they fail horribly. Hawaii’s uniforms fall under the former category.

Everyone involved in the creative processes at Under Armour deserves a very nice, locally crafted beer. Hawaii will debut these retro away uniforms for its game against No. 1 Ohio State on Saturday. Cardale Jones can’t possibly lead the Buckeyes to victory when he’s being blinded by the beauty of these uniforms. (Okay, just kidding. He probably can and is favored to do so by 40 points.)

hawaii uni featured lede

University of Hawai'i

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