The Ironman World Championship In Hawaii Is More Than A Race, It’s A Spiritual Awakening

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KONA – On a humid Thursday morning in Hawaii I was deep in thought, thinking hard to try and remember the last time I’d ridden a bike. I’d surmised it had been at least a decade, and probably closer to two, but whatever the exact duration of my inactivity streak was, it was about to end. I was set to strap on a new, state-of-the-art, $250 Oakley helmet and mount a $1,000 bicycle that seemed more machine than bike and I had to hope the old adage “it’s just like riding a bike” would hold true, many years after I’d actually ridden one.

I wasn’t nervous, I was mostly amused by the fact that I was absolutely certain I’d fall because my life is full of those random, humorous occurrences. When triangular cleats were screwed onto my special biking shoes that would need to click into the special pedals screwed onto my special bike, all uncertainty went out the window: I was going to fall.

I fell.

I didn’t fall because I forgot how to ride a bike, no, as it turns out, the saying is true and riding a bike again was just like riding a bike. I fell because the cleats weren’t as easy to get off the pedals as I thought, and that was a recipe for disaster, and with a miles-long cycling session scheduled for the next day, it was a problem I was going to have to solve. Fast.

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