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Everyone in the bloggerhood has already taken the opportunity to talk about the Pittsburgh Steelers' new mascot, Steely McBeam.  Judging from what's been written, there are two kinds of reactions to Steely.  The Steelers fans who are literate have reacted with the appropriate amount of shame and head-shaking sadness, while everyone else has reveled in a combination of mocking, finger-pointing, and delicious glee.

Steely McBeam was the winning entry among more than 70,000 names submitted by Steelers fans around the world. He is a contemporized version of the former Steelers logo, a steelworker, representing Pittsburgh's rich history in the steel industry… The winning entry was submitted by Diane Roles of Valencia, Pa.

Great work, Diane.  That must have taken days to think up.

After the fact, of course, everyone thinks they can do better.  MJD had some solid ones in this morning's Debriefing (Danielle Steele, Iron Orey McSuperalloy, Kordell Stewart, and Hey Kid, Take Your Pants Off, among others), while the comments from this KSK post have some good ones, too.  Me, I woulda gone with Ironhead Steelcock.  Or Julian.

(Feel free to give your best names in the comments.)

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