Hawkeyes RB Busted For Ganja

12.28.10 7 years ago 3 Comments

Whoa! Look how high I am!

Already suspended for the team’s appearance against Missouri in tonight’s Insight Bowl (heh, bowl) for failing to follow team policies, Iowa Hawkeyes running back Adam Robinson has found himself in hot bong water after being picked up by Iowa State Patrol on Monday night on suspicion of possession of marijuana.

According to the Iowa State Patrol, Robinson was a passenger in a vehicle pulled over for not having front license plates. Police say a trooper detected a marijuana odor from the vehicle, then found marijuana after a search.

Robinson was released with a promise to appear in court Jan. 5. The driver was charged with possession with intent to deliver marijuana.[Via]

That’s a new one: “released with a promise to appear in court.” While they were at it, did the fuzz give him back his weed as well? You know, for all the trouble they caused and stuff?

In any event, this is yet another messy resin stain on the Hawkeyes football program. You may recall Iowa wide receiver Derrell Johnson-Kouliano’s arrest earlier this month on a heaping bowl-load of drug-related charges. I guess boredom can cause some people to do some crazy things. I mean, what in the heck has been going on in Iowa City lately? Wait, better question: what in the heck hasn’t been going on in Iowa City lately? Or ever, for that matter.

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